I Support You

I Support You

I am a doula. I have worked with over 400 families.

I have known  mamas who breastfed easily, who cherished their nursing relationship.

I have known  mamas who struggled with babies who wouldn’t latch or wouldn’t gain weight, and breasts that never produced milk.

I have known mamas who chose to formula feed out of medical need.

I have known mamas who chose to formula feed from the beginning.

I have never known a mama who didn’t care that her baby was fed.

I support you.

I have known mamas who have birthed peacefully with no medication or intervention.

I have known mamas who struggled with labor that didn’t go as planned or hoped for, changing their course of action in the moment.

I have known mamas who have had cesarean births out of emergency.

I have known mamas who have chosen cesarean birth.

I have never known a mama who didn’t care that her baby was healthy and safe.

I support you.

Breast or bottle, vaginal or cesarean, co-sleeping or crib, stay-at-home or work-outside-the-home… It’s time to end the Mommy Wars. You love your children. Your heart swells with joy when they smile, and breaks when they cry. You worry, I worry. You toss and turn when all is not well, just like me. You hope that you’re doing it right. So do I. You care deeply that he or she is healthy, strong, loved, compassionate, and a functional adult who is an asset to the world when all is said and done. You’re doing everything in your power to make it so. Me, too.

For this, I support you.

Join me in supporting the I Support You movement. Find out more from Mama By The Bay, here.

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  1. This is just lovely! I can relate to nearly everything that you say. I worked with a birth doula (actually a pair of them) in preparing for my son’s birth. I was excited about trying natural childbirth and felt ready and prepared. They were so helpful in giving me information about my choices when the doctors wanted to induce after my son was a few days overdue. But then, after a great labor, my son nearly died — his heart stopped when his cord was too short — and I needed an emergency c-section. Things turned out fine, and breastfeeding went well until about 5-6 weeks along, when my son was diagnosed with severe allergies and the pediatrician wanted to start him on a hypoallergenic, specialized, prescription formula. Based on my story, I realize that life can throw you curve balls. You just never know what is behind another mother’s choices….

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