The Goddess in the Birthing Mother

Aztec_goddessThe birthing mother is sacred.

Throughout time, her stories have been told.

She is Mary, chosen and blessed, embracing the mystery of  a miracle within her own skin, holding fear and joy and wonder at once, and contemplating them in her heart.

She is Persephone,  daughter-turned-woman,  emerging from her own spiraled-in darkness  into the light of a new day with  insurmountable celebration.

She is Luna, her full-moon belly ripe and round.

She is Pachamama, Earth Mother with the strength to move mountains, whispering seeds into life, bringing bountiful harvest.

She is Shakti, creative life force energy embodied.

She is Gaia, growing a world in her womb.

She is Yemaya of the ocean, carrying in her belly the waters from which all life has emerged.

She is Xochiquetzal, young and vibrant, adorned with flowers and green feathers, luxuriating in the pleasure of life.

She is Sheela-Na-Gig, open wide, shamelessly proclaiming that it is right that she is woman.

She is Kali-Ma,  with her multitasking many arms tirelessly in motion, fearlessly standing at the gate between life and death, releasing with no regret the reality that was, and calling in with her fierce warrior love the new soul that comes forth.

She is Kwan Yin, of infinite tears, the endless well of selfless love, enduring all suffering with compassion beyond measure.

She is Miriam, who even in her fear in the darkest hours of struggle, takes one more step forward  in faith and carries a heart prepared to praise and dance.

She is Demeter, who grieves the loss of the life she has cherished, and anticipates the change that is to come.

She is Artemis the warrior, and Diana the huntress, with arrows at the ready, with apologies to none in doing what needs to be done to keep her babies safe and their bellies full.

She is Hathor, the wife, mother, and lover, Queen of dancing and singing, who is filled with joy.

She is not a poor thing; not a patient to be managed, a weakling to be coddled, or a victim to be pitied. She is Woman, powerful and strong. She is worthy of honor, respect, and protection from those who would bring her harm. She is deserving of being held gently by those who know what privilege it is to be in her presence and hold the sacred space in which she may unfold. So may it be.

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