Blessings on the Mama


Today we celebrate the women who birthed us and gave us life. Let us also celebrate all women as mothers, whether we bring forth  babies or ideas – it is the creative and nourishing and  life-growing effort of the women, all of the women, that brings new energy and weaves together the circles that are birthing change in the world.

Let’s honor the mothers whose babies are missing from their arms, and those whose wombs have not carried the children they long for. Blessings on the mothers who snuggle in comfort and privilege with their precious newborns, and those who rock the babes who struggle for survival. Honor  the mamas who have nothing, who strive and toil for hours on end at multiple jobs to provide for their little ones. Let us honor the mothers who loved us well, and honor those whose mothers never knew how to love. We honor the mothers who are doing their best, even when their best doesn’t look very good.

Bless the mothers who have passed on, and the children who miss them dearly. We honor the mothers whose mothers choose not to speak to them, and the mothers who are surrounded by loving community and support. Bless the mama who birthed her child in joy and bliss, and the mama who birthed the child she resented carrying in her body.

Bless the mamas to be, and the mama who won’t hear from her children today. Bless the women who have many children, and the women who have chosen to have none. Bless the mamas who are loved by soulmates, and the mamas who are lonely. Bless the good mamas and the rotten mamas and the happy mamas and the crazymaking mamas and the sad mamas and the singing mamas and the mamas who can’t find their voices and remain in silence.  Bless the mama who stands in her power, and the mama who wants nothing more than to be seen.

Today, we honor the women – all women – who are mothers. Let us also honor the women – all women – who have had mothers, and have loved mothers, and the Great Mother and the Holy Mother and the Mother Earth we all call home.

Let’s put an end – all of us – to the story of the “I’m not good enough” mother and the “She’s wrong for not doing it my way” mother and come together as women, as mothers, to celebrate each other and love one another and see that we’re all doing the best we can.

Blessings on the mamas, and blessings on the journey.

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