Jodi’s “Woo-woo Hippiechick” Birth Affirmations that really do work

Sometimes, all a mama needs is a little encouragement. The right words at the right moment have the power to lift her out of fear, protect and restore her faith and trust in her body and her baby, and get through a difficult moment. As new-agey and hippiefied as they may sound, birth affirmations offered by a loving partner or support person can be exactly the right tool. Here are the ones I find myself saying most often:

You can do this. You already are.

Release, Breathe, Open.

Remember that you’re having a baby.

Your body is opening wide to let your baby out.

Your body is healthy and strong.

Soon you will meet your baby.

Everything here is exactly right.

Your body is loose and completely relaxed.

You are so strong.

Your body knows what to do. Breathe and let go.

Your body knows how. Your baby knows how.

That one is done now. Let that one go.

One wave at a time. That’s all you need to do.

Each surge brings your baby closer.

Your labor is strong because you are strong.

You are so safe.

All is well.

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