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Doula Service and COVID-19

Doula Service and COVID-19

As of June 29, an Executive order from New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy acknowledges the importance of doula support in maternal/fetal health, and specifies that doulas are not counted as additional support people, but are acknowledged as essential staff. This means that your doula may be by your side in labor in the hospital, along with your partner/chosen primary support person. So, the answer to “Can you come to the hospital for my birth?” is a great big YES!

We can talk more during an initial consult about the steps that are currently in place to keep everyone safe, and what to expect from doula services.

Birth services will continue to include three 1 1/2 hour visits prenatally to discuss birth options, comfort measures, and to create a personal birth comfort plan. These visits can be conducted by Zoom or Skype, or by phone, and can include virtual companionship to cover specific questions during medical provider office visits.

Conversation by phone is available after every medical provider office visit to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Unlimited phone call, text, and email support is available throughout pregnancy and the first 6 weeks postpartum.

Continuous labor support will be offered any time day or night.

Two 1 hour postpartum virtual visits will be available anytime in the 6 weeks following delivery, with continued unlimited phone, text, and email support to address any questions or concerns about infant feeding, baby care, or self care.

To best support the families and community in which we serve, your doula remains in communication with the New Jersey Department of Health and local hospitals and medical professionals to continue to provide the best possible support with consideration for current safety recommendations.

Availability for service is limited, so please call or text 856.419.3690 or email today to schedule your initial interview.

Talk soon!