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It All Started with THIS

It All Started with THIS
It All Started with THIS

I’ve had a whole five days now of THIS:


And it all started with THIS:


An empty coffee cup on a Monday morning is a terrible thing. So, I walked off in search of THIS:


In my own kitchen, in the house where I live, where I have walked at least a thousand times, my toe collided with THIS:


THE STEPSTOOL. Which has lived without incident on the floor in the kitchen for as long as it has been our kitchen. The thing I’ve stepped up on every time I’ve needed to reach into the upper cabinets, because SHORT PEOPLE PROBLEMS, Y’ALL.

And because two solid pbjects that have both have weight and mass cannot occupy the same space at the same time (and I told my ninth grade science teacher I’d never need to know this stuff!) my toe did THIS:

Nope, not gonna show it. Some things just have to be imagined. Ew, and then unimagined. Just think of puppies, envision the calm blue ocean… it’ll be ok.


So, I went to the emergency room, right? WRONG.

Eventually, yes. But first, I did THIS:


Texted my backups. Both of them. Because WHAT IF SOMEONE GOES INTO LABOR RIGHT NOW? Break a bone, break a water bag. I’m pretty sure that’s a real saying that I maybe just made up right now. But when you’re a doula, that’s what happens. Ninth grade science teacher didn’t cover why that’s true, but I believe a certain Mr. Murphy may have.

Waiting for the Uber to take me to ER, took care of THIS:


Because what else would a doula do besides focusing on a distraction (like answering a question about which chiropractors I love) while lamaze breathing and texting a neighbor for a ride to the emergency room?

So, now my view is a whole lot of THIS:


And I can’t wait for this fat purple foot to fit back into THESE:


I’m bored. I’m a little frustrated. I’ve watched a lot of TV and done a lot of phone time this week, rescheduling classes and clients. I’d like to get up and drive or throw in my laundry or even THIS:


Hi, vacuum cleaner! Miss me?

But if a baby should need to arrive today, I’m not worried. I’m grateful for a strong team of professional and reliable colleagues. If someone went into labor, I knew that my clients would be in excellent hands as I rest and continued to heal. A good doula knows to prepare for the unexpected. “What if you were suddenly unavailable” and “Who is your backup?” are important questions to ask your doula, and even more important for your doula to have a solid answer for!

Because life can happen, just like this!

How Many Doulas Does It Take to Change a Lightbulb?

How Many Doulas Does It Take to Change a Lightbulb?
How Many Doulas Does It Take to Change a Lightbulb?

One, but only if it’s her own lightbulb. Otherwise, I’m not the homeowner or the electrician, so it isn’t my call. However, I am familiar with the process, and would be happy to talk you through.

First, do we know that the light bulb must be changed right now? Are there more urgent matters at hand, like fire or glass on the floor? Is everyone safe? Do we have time to talk this through? OK, good.

The benefit of changing the light bulb would of course be having more light in the room. Is that your preference? Great.

The risk of changing the light bulb would be falling off of a ladder, but that’s relatively low in this case because the lamp is on the table and the likelihood of your needing a step ladder is minimal.

Of course, it’s another option to use a camping lantern, or light a candle or use a string of twinkling Christmas lights as long as that’s appropriate and safe for the space it’s in. What ideas might you have about that?

Or, you could choose to do nothing right now. It’s still daylight out, and the lamp is decorative, and perhaps you aren’t planning to keep it. I remember you’ve said that Aunt Mildred meant well when she gave it to you, but it really isn’t your style. It’s entirely up to you.

If you are worried even a little, call your contractor or an electrician. They may assure you that this isn’t an emergency, or they might want to talk with you in person to let you know of ways that they can help you make a plan for this. They might recommend installing overhead canister lighting fixtures, but I’m really not the person to ask about that.

What matters most is that you are making the decision in this that is right for you. I want you to be content with your lighting choices. Let me know how I might be of support.

There’s no pressure to make a rushed decision, take some time, mull that over, talk to your partner, and let me know what you think. And if you change your mind about it later? That’s ok too. It’s your lightbulb. You can do that.