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The Doula Path Experience

The Doula Path Experience

Are you ready for something exciting and new? Are you ready to breathe new life into your work, embrace your gifts, invite abundance and joy into your life, and become the doula you know are called to be? This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

In March of 2014, I am calling together a group of brave doula souls. Working together, we will co-create a safe space – a “container’ – in which we will delve into deep personal work together. We will challenge ourselves to create a more prosperous and successful path that serves us in living more vibrantly, with joy in every day, so that we may thrive and more richly serve others during the major life transition of birth. We uncover and transform self-limiting beliefs, learn new ways to nurture ourselves, and create a network of accountability and support for meeting our own self-care needs as we define and strengthen our professional goals.

Are you ready? Is this circle for you? Are you feeling called to say ā€œIā€™m IN!ā€ Are you ready to connect deeply with other women who are also doing this powerful work of service? Are you ready for a time of loving yourself more fully than you ever have, and embracing your own vibrant self as never before, so that you can more deeply provide loving support to those whose lives you touch?

The focus of the Doula Path Experience IS:

– Receiving ongoing guidance from an experienced colleague
– Building confidence in your personal skill set as a doula
– Connecting with others who share your passion for this work
– Receiving compassion and encouragement
– Examining the Core Values that limit us, hold us back, or push us forward
– Inviting abundance and prosperity on multiple levels
– Taking your next brave step into achieving your vision
– Believing in the value of showing up for yourself

Within this program, you will learn:

– Nuts and Bolts tips for day-to-day business management
– Exercises to discover and define your unique strengths as a doula
– Establishing, Communicating, and Maintaining Strong and Healthy Boundaries
– Identifying and Attracting your ideal clients
– Acing the Interview
– Conducting prenatal appointments with confidence
– Recognizing Red Flags, and what to do with them
– Tools for respectful and effective communication with clients and care providers
– Defining Your Doula Practice
– Teaching Clients the Process of Informed Decision Making
– Developing Daily Personal Practices to Prevent Burnout
– Finding Balance to Achieve Professional Success while Nurturing Personal Priorities
– Developing your personal five-year plan

This six week program will include six weekly 1 to 1.5 hour group teleconference sessions, beginning Tuesday, March 4th at 1pm US Eastern Time. These calls will be recorded and available for listening at other times. You will also receive three one-hour private mentoring calls with me. An online forum with daily support from me will also be included, providing connection with your colleagues within this container, offering one another encouragement, support and compassion throughout this growth and learning process.

Who am I?

I am an active doula with 15 years and 500 births under my belt. I have served for several years as public speaker and workshop facilitator for many women’s health and spirituality conferences. For eight years, I have run the ongoing program of Radical Self Care for Women, supporting hundreds of individuals through a six-month process of learning to live with greater joy, empowerment, and abundance. I am now ready to share this work online, to support doulas from near and far.

Program Requirements:

You must be an active doula, either full- or part-time, with a goal of building a thriving doula practice. Whether you identify as a beginner or as a more experienced birthworker, it is important that you have already attended a doula training, whether or not you have become certified, as this is a big step beyond the basics of doula work. You will be challenged within this program to move beyond your fears,resistance, and uncertainty, and into the thriving doula work that you dream of!

A Word About Resistance: On the brink of any big growth experience, it is normal for feelings of resistance to surface. Anyone working with birth knows that, and has seen it happen firsthand. Notice the place where resistance shows up as “I would love to, but I don’t have enough…” Enough what? Time? Energy? Resources? Money? Support? Smarts? Confidence? Then ask where you have used that limited belief to hold yourself back before. Consider how this “not-enough-ness” isn’t serving you, has held you back from living life to its fullest, and perhaps has even prevented you from accomplishing the desires of your heart. Then, give your “YES”, and do it anyway. Show up, resistance and all, and be ready to grow. You are enough. You do enough. You have enough. Come as you are.

Registration and Fees:

Priced at my current fee-per-hour rate, this six week session would cost over $600. As an introductory kickoff, the first six-week round of this Doula Path Experience program is offered at $250. That’s less than a night class at a community college, and the life-long lessons you receive will be immeasurable. Building your passion into your business is worth the investment. A $125 deposit received by March 5 will hold your space. This program is being capped at 7 people, in order to ensure my focused attention to each individual, and to build a strong and intimate container together. Payment plans may be available upon request. Check, money order, and PayPal are all options. Instructions are on the registration form, which can be found here: