I have practiced Midwifery in South Jersey for almost 19 years. The word Midwife means “with woman”… my belief is your labor, your choice.  As long as you and your baby (babies) are safe and healthy, there are choices. No one supports women and their choices like Jodi. I have known and proudly worked with Jodi for over 10 years, she supports women and their families in a nurturing caring manner. Jodi interacts with nurses, midwives, and doctors with the same respect and understanding as she does her Mammas!!! It is a pleasure to work with Jodi and I look forward to many more years of shared births!!! – Bobbi Milligan, CNM


It’s so easy for couples to be overwhelmed by the amount of information they received during pregnancy from the internet, care providers, and well-meaning family members.  This can cause confusion, fear, and uncertainty for the expectant couple.  This is where Jodi Green is so incredibly helpful.  I have been working with Jodi for the past 6 years.  She is an excellent resource for expectant couples.  She has worked closely with me to help patients feel safe, and have the most rewarding birth experiences possible.  I’ve observed Jodi’s gentle interaction with couples in labor.  She encourages patients to make decisions “in the moment”, and is supportive of whatever birth choices are made.  Because of Jodi, women feel safe, confident, and empowered in labor.  It’s incredible to witness this.  The benefits of doula care are widely known and published.  I recommend Jodi  for any woman who is planning an unmedicated birthing experience, or women who just needs a little extra support to help them  feel safe because they are nervous or fearful of labor.  Jodi is an amazing doula and friend.  She has taught me so much in the few years that I’ve known her.   I recommend Jodi wholeheartedly because I respect and trust her. – Stacy McCrosson, MD, FACOG


As a person who has worked with birthing parents for over 35 years in many capacities, it is with great care that I refer another birth professional to a parent.  Doing so causes my name to be affiliated with anyone I recommend.  I have known Jodi Green for over 10 years and never hesitate to recommend women in my childbirth classes to Jodi for labor support and postpartum care.  In all those years I have never had negative feedback from a client who has utilized Jodi’s services.  They report she is caring, professional and very knowledgable as a doula.  It is for this reason that I continue to recommend Jodi to families in the tri-state area when they are looking for care. –  Crystal Sada, CAPPA Labor Doula Faculty Member, Assistant to the Director of Labor Doula Programs