Empowered Birth® – Childbirth Preparation Classes

Empowered Birth® – Childbirth Preparation Classes

Having an Empowered Birth® is about having the information, inspiration, education and support to make your own best choices for your birth. Through Empowered Birth® classes, women gain confidence in their ability to give birth. Birth companions become aware of ways to support the birth process while making labor safer and more comfortable.

Based on the philosophy that birth is an experience involving body, thought, and emotion all together, Empowered Birth® classes prepare parents to birth with awareness of their own needs, and responsibility for their own choices.

Different from a traditional lecture format, the Empowered Birth® program information is shared and experienced through thought-provoking dialogue, interactive group discussions, memorable creative experiences, and unique hands-on exercises. Deep relaxation techniques are learned in the Empowered Birth® program to help labor happen with greater comfort and ease for mother and baby.

Empowered Birth® classes are suitable for any woman with any birthing history, including new parents and parents with prior vaginal or cesarean births. The Empowered Birth® program is appropriate for parents planning to birth in hospital, birth center, or home settings.

Empowered Birth® classes run weekly for four weeks in group sessions, or private sessions may be arranged to suit your own needs—your location or ours.

  • Beliefs and attitudes about pregnancy and childbirth
  • Physical, emotional and mental aspects of labor and birth
  • The importance of nutrition and exercise
  • Developing confidence in decision-making
  • Positive communication skills
  • Choosing a birth team and creating a birth plan
  • Personal support and comfortmeasures for labor and birth
  • Understanding and overcoming the pain/fear cycle
  • Using relaxation and focused awareness for easier labor
Through Empowered Birth®,Women Learn to:
  • Welcome the birth experience without fear
  • Trust in their bodies and in the safety of birth
  • Understand the physiology of birth
  • Use positions and body techniques to help the physical birth process happen faster and more easily
  • Relax deeply to experience labor with increased comfort, confidence and fewer complications
  • Have the knowledge necessary to make informed birth decisions with confidence in any situation
  • Create joyful birth memories thatwill last a lifetime
Breastfeeding Class: Deciding to breastfeed may be the healthiest choice that you can make for you and your baby. We offer custom, private classes that cover the benefits of breastfeeding, inform new mothers of practical and comfortable breastfeeding positions and recommendations for avoiding breastfeeding difficulties. Mothers will also learn about breastmilk expression and storage as well as techniques that can enhance milk production.
Breastfeeding Home Visits:  I am available to provide in-person home visits to support mothers nursing new babies who have questions.